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What is the Jubilee Cut Diamond?

Step into the captivating world of Moissanite, where you'll encounter a rarely explored gemstone facet known as the Jubilee Cut. This exploration delves into the origins and unique qualities that distinguish the Jubilee Cut, elevating it to prominence. Join us as we unravel the story and inherent charm of the Jubilee Cut.

A Jubilee Cut has a special shape, the important characteristics are its lack of a flat table and its 8 facets at the top. The Jubilee Cut has 88 facets in total. This diamond was made in the early 20th century to honor the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria of England. 


Jubilee Cut Diamond

What is the Jubilee Cut?


The Jubilee Cut diamond stands as a pinnacle of gemstone craftsmanship, epitomizing the intricate art of diamond faceting, particularly renowned in the early decades of the 20th century. Its rarity in gemology lies in its custom application to larger diamonds. The essence of its exclusivity lies in its unmatched ability to enhance the brilliance and luminance of sizable diamonds, bestowing upon them a captivating, illustrious sparkle.


This cut deviates from the conventional 'table' seen in standard diamond facets. Instead, it showcases a meticulously crafted crown adorned with eight trapezoidal bezel facets ascending to a central pinnacle. Complementing these are eight smaller trapezoidal bezel facets seamlessly joined to the larger ones. This arrangement manifests a harmonious, symmetrical pattern, exuding balanced elegance.


Surrounding this central structure are sixteen star facets, bordered by an additional sixteen cross facets, collectively shaping the diamond's girdle. This outer rim plays a crucial role in defining the gem's aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. The pavilion below, devoid of a culet, features sixteen additional facets beyond the conventional twenty-four, enhancing the diamond's captivating light play.


With up to 88 facets (some variants having 80), each facet of the Jubilee Cut contributes to the gem's enchanting allure, reflecting light in a mesmerizing showcase of brilliance and fire.


History of the Jubilee Cut


The origins of the Jubilee Cut trace back to an American reinterpretation of the traditional brilliant cut, emerging during a period of innovation in diamond faceting techniques. Its name, an homage to Queen Victoria's jubilee, reflects the grandeur and celebratory spirit of that era. Often referred to as the 'Twentieth-century cut,' it marks a significant milestone in gemstone craftsmanship, blending a rich historical legacy with forward-thinking advancements.


Today, this cut epitomizes luxury and exclusivity, predominantly adorning elite collections and high-end jewelry. It transcends mere diamond cutting, embodying a harmonious fusion of art and science, serving as a timeless testament to unparalleled craftsmanship.


Distinctive Features and Uses


The Jubilee Cut stands out for its exceptional ability to capture and reflect light. With no culet and a unique facet arrangement, it creates a mesmerizing "kaleidoscope of brilliance," particularly evident in larger moissanite where the facets masterfully manipulate light.


In terms of application, the Jubilee Cut shines as a prized addition to high-end jewelry, cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike. It is prominently showcased in statement pieces such as engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings, its unique sparkle serving as a symbol of elegance and boldness.


Modern Interpretations and Legacy


In today's gemstone faceting landscape, the Jubilee Cut remains an inspiration. While its timeless design is revered, modern interpretations often incorporate contemporary techniques to enhance its appeal. These innovative adaptations aim to blend historical authenticity with current tastes, captivating a broader audience of moissanite enthusiasts.


The legacy of the Jubilee Cut serves as a testament to the lasting allure of craftsmanship and innovation in gemology. It stands as a symbol of an era that elevated gemstone cutting to an art form, reshaping our understanding and appreciation of these invaluable stones.


In Conclusion


The Jubilee Cut surpasses mere gemstone shaping; it represents a historical voyage that traces the evolution of diamond cutting. With its unique design, storied legacy, and enduring charm, it continues to fascinate those captivated by the art and science of gemology. As admiration and exploration of its intricacies endure, the Jubilee Cut stands as a testament to human creativity and the eternal pursuit of beauty.

Jubilee Cut Diamond

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