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The "Jubilee Cut" is a specific type. It features a unique pattern of facets designed to enhance the brilliance and fire of the diamond. The Jubilee Cut typically consists of 88 facets, including a combination of triangular and kite-shaped facets arranged in a symmetrical pattern. This cut is often used in Rolex's luxury watches, particularly in the bezel settings of their timepieces. The intricate facets of the Jubilee Cut create a stunning display of light reflection and sparkle, adding to the overall allure of the diamond and the watch.

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Starsgem Co., Ltd. is located in the capital of synthetic gemstone Wuzhou, China. We are a professional gemstones and jewelry manufacturer. We have over ten years in manufacturing high quality gemstones and natural gemstones. Such as moissanite, lab grown diamond, hydrothermal emerald, cubic zirconia, corundum, spinel, nano, glass ect.

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