Starsgem Co.,Ltd is located in the capital of 

synthetic Vuzhou,China.We are a professional 

gemstones gemstone manufacturer,which has ten 

years experience in manufacturing and selling high quality

 synthetic gemstones and natural gemstones,such as 

Moissanite,Cubic Zirconia,Ruby,Sapphire,Spinel,Glass,Nano,Turquoise,Amethyst,Citrine,Garnet,Peridot and Topaz ect.


    There are various colors like White,8lack,Pink,Red,Yellow.Green and Blue ect,and shapes like Round,Oval,Pear Heart,Marquise,Square,Rectangle,Triangle,Cushion,Emerald,Asscher and Radiant ect,we can manufacture different kinds of special gemstones as the customers requested.


    We offer our customers best-competitive price and high-quality stones,and make sure that we always keep prompt delivery,we insist on one idea:Customer is highest,Credibility is first.Welcome to call and contact us!

    Perfect brilliance stones display like a diamond,which show Arrows and Hearts of Eternity,they emit a flashing light to make gemstones'more unique and valuable.
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